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It's such a pleasure to meet all of you! The past few livestreams we've done about building your character, playing the game, and advancing your hero has filled my heart with joy knowing so many of you stopped by and enjoyed the show!

I wanted to remind folks when the livestreams are. So that we can continue to give away awesome swag and answer as many questions as we can for you all before GenCon!

At the same time I am also asking for questions from our lovely forums here! These questions will be asked during a spot on the livestream. So ask away for the specific show! The last few shows we have until GenCon is:

"The World as We Know it" with James Jacobs
Wednesday, July 24, 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

This is mainly about lore, adventure paths, lost omens, and the world if you have any questions about that.

"Running the Game" with Jason Bulmahn
Friday, July 26, 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

This is primarily about Game Mastering, Monsters, Etc.

Would love to grab whatever questions you may have for these fine gentlemen. And get as much info out to you as possible!

Oh! And I have something VERY Special planned for Jason's stream. So I highly encourage you to show up for it!

Thank you all for such a warm welcome. Still getting use to everything here at Paizo!

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For "Running the Game" with Jason Bulmahn:

What does the Bestiary include in the way of templates or other ways to modify the printed monsters to increase the variety a GM can get out of the book?

(We've seen a number of monsters like the Zombie or Skeleton that include variants—very cool, but here I mean more universal templates or modifications.)

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For "running the game": in the playtest i found ambushes kind of clunky to run without a surprise round. I would be interested in a couple of simple examples where 1 character successfully beat the perception dc to sneak up on someone, then decided to attack. Initiative is rolled, attacker using stealth, and other character using perception. If the attacker rolls lower now, is he noticed, or does he just go second? If he is not noticed, is the other character even aware he is in combat? If he is noticed, it feels he has to successfully sneak twice to ambush someone.

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Welcome Payton! The streams have been great and it's been wonderful seeing another friendly face join the Paizo crew.

As for questions, I don't have a big list, but here's a couple to choose from;

For James and the lore stream-
1) What was the thing you consider the most exciting change to the world of Golarion and why?

2) While I love Avistan and Garund, how often will we be exploring other portions of the world via APs? Will we continue to get smaller bits in other APs, as was the case in 1st edition, or is this something the team wants to do more regularly with larger scale adventures going into other parts of Golarion, maybe similar to Jade Regent?

For Jason and the GMing stream-
1) So far it has seemed very much like everything has been more GM-driven than before (as opposed to being chained to the rules there's more rules encouragement to do our own thing); what was the design philosophy behind the shifted focus, or was it just more of a natural progression of moving away from being tied to older editions?

2) We've seen one new monster and quite a few classics showing up, but which of the old ones was the most fun to re-design, and why?

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Oooh! Already some great question! :3
Can't wait to watch these! :D

I too would like to see a few examples with ambushes and how that interacts with initiative.

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For James and the Golarion Stream:

Are there any solid plans for gazeteers and maps of the other continents? We have them for Tian Xia and a basic map of the Crown of the World from the Jade Regent AP, but Casmaron, Garund, and Arcadia have barely been touched.

For Jason and the Runnning the Game Stream:

I've always considered Monster and Class design more art than science, but there has always been a need for standardization to make either work in the game. Will we get to see the framework skeleton for either to help build our own, or even just a list of benchmarks that have to be made?

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Welcome Payton!

Just wanted you to know that I am really enjoying the shows, even if I can't watch them live due to work! Keep up the great work, thanks for all the info and fun!

Lali-Ho Payton!

For the Lore Stream My impression from reading the Blog post tour around the World of the Age of Lost Omens is that most areas of the world are actually pretty peaceful and safe right now. Places that used to be dangerous have become stable and protected, and even the darkest parts of the world are not as bad as they once were. (I've refrained from pointing out specifics here, but the results of the various APs have made so many of the troublesome hotspots around Golarian into nice, or at least nicer, places) Was a specific effort made during the PF2E world lore development (including the Lost Omens World Guide) to seed Golarian with new hotspots, mysteries, and such? The blogs regarding the regions seem to say no, but I'd love if the World Guide was full of tons of new plot hooks for use in future APs and in homebrew!

Starfinder has been chock-full of these little hooks and they've done wonders for making the world seem interesting and dangerous.

I would like to hear James talk about some of the new mysteries of the setting. I know that he likes to seed too new questions for everyone that is answered.

I'm loving the streams so far. And I think it's a great idea to gather questions in this thread.

The world as we know it
- I've read in various places that old AP's can be easily modified for Pathfinder 2. However, the World Guide seems to include all of the events from those AP's as canon. How much of those old AP's will be spoiled for me (and my players) just by reading the new books?

Running the game
- I second (third?) the question on a few practical examples for ambushes, to get a group on the system behind it.
- How easy will it be to put together (humanoid) NPC's that provide an appropriate challenge, at various levels? For instance, a typical group of thugs, scouts, guard, or even a group led by a cleric or sorcerer. Will I have to build them as PC's, or are there shortcuts that still provide a good challenge?

What significant changes in the new edition aid in the creation/management of encounters, adventures, and campaigns?

Have you or are you considering an electronic tool like D&D Beyond to further ease entry into the system and broaden the appeal of the game?

Questions for James Jacobs:

How closely is the world chronology/story/development going to be tied to the second edition version of the Pathfinder Society? Are there stories that you feel that would be excellent to resolve within a Pathfinder Society scenario? Are you going to write any Society scenarios?

Have there been any developments in Golarion that you've wanted to use in your own homebrew and what were those developments?

What secrets in the world, that are not in the CRB/Bestiary, that you are looking forward to having revealed through an Adventure Path or Adventure module?

Questions for Jason Bulhman:

Is there a planned Nemesis System, in the vein of the Shadow of Mordor, to be added to the Game Mastery Guide?

Is there going to be a table for random dungeon/urban/wilderness adventure/encounter design in the GMG?

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Questions for James Jacobs:

Why did you choose to emphasize the "Lost Omens" element of the setting?
Will we see more adventures driven by the loss of prophecy or the desire to restore it?
Will there be an increased mechanical impact on divination spells and abilities?
Will we see more adventures outside the Inner Sea region?

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Are there any plans in the future to develop a "Modern" setting for Pathfinder/Golarion ?

I just got my CRB today and was going to ask a question but instead I want to leave a comment for Jason Bulmahn:

I was going to ask how you would go about making a Rogue archetype Counterfeit Mage in this edition, but after looking at the Rogue class, everything you would need can mostly be selected as part of the level-up process! It looks easier than ever to make an interesting archetype while still staying useful and pertinent in play!

Great job to the whole team!

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Question for Jason Bulmahn

How many templates (lycanthrope, vampire, lich) are in the Bestiary?

Are they easier to apply?

How many are Undead?

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For Jason Bulhman

For those people like me who are less creative will there be a guideline somewhere to help convert monsters and loot from 1st edition adventure paths to 2e?

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For "Running the Game" with Jason Bulmahn:

Can you talk about how PF2 has change being a GM for you? Can you identify a few specific mechanics that makes it easier for you as a GM to tell the stories that you have always wanted to tell?

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Thank you Payton, for asking my question! Jason gave a great answer. I love how thoroughly Paizo folks involve themselves with their community.

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Thanks all for the questions, by the way! I just peeked in here for the first time just now and there's one thing I wish I'd had the chance to double down on in the stream...

While the events of 1st editions's adventures are assumed to have been PC successes, and thus those enemies and plots have been in large part foiled...

... do not mistakenly assume that this means the world is a safe place. If it were, we'd have gone to a different world to do 2nd edition with. The game is still fundamentally about danger and adventure and fighting monsters and defeating evil plots and all that, and our Adventure Paths aren't missing a stride in continuing to tell stories.

And on top of that, just because one threat to an area has been defeated yesterday doesn't mean another one can't come there tomorrow!

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Thank you to all the Paizo folk who made these streams happen.

I am looking forward to post Gen Con content. Do we know what the schedule looks like for the near future?

Thank you, sir!

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