Product suggestion: 3D mini STL files.

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I recognize that there are logistics issues with this, but it might be worth looking into.

Suggestion: digital download for 3D printable minis.

Resin-based SLA printers have come down in price massively recently. I just got a $200 USD unit that produces output in excess of the detail level the Pathfinder Battles minis are at. Basically, the quality meets or exceeds what Heroforge produces in their premium plastic. Materials costs are well under a dollar per printed mini.

There are a lot of free STL files out there, some of which are truly excellent. Still, I started thinking about the Pathfinder Battles minis, and that WizKids are already doing 3D modeling to produce the original sculpt.

I know the file format will be different for mold creation, but once the general outline of a miniature is created, the work required to convert it to a 3D printable format is relatively minor.

I'd be interested in buying STL files for Pathfinder Battles and/or Reaper models (assuming they do their sculpting digitally, which I suspect they don't). I've got so many prepainted minis now that I'm really starting to be selective, but many of the PFB models are so nice I'd love to print them myself. Shipping physical product is increasingly expensive, so this might be an interesting option. Yes, piracy would be a factor given STL isn't a DRM-enabled format, but that can't be a primary consideration.

Something around $5 for an STL would be a tempting price point.

Not sure if anyone else has interest in being able to self-print minis in Paizo's art style, but I figure 3D printers at home will be more and more common as time goes by, so the discussion has to start somewhere.

Thank you.

My group actually just picked up a resin 3d printer too and I gotta say, I'd love for official Paizo STL files. There are plenty of goblin files out there but only a handful are the iconic bobble headed pyromaniacs I've come to love. Dragons too would be great since Paizo dragons all have different, unique, features on them that set them apart from others tabletop dragons

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I played with printing couple of years ago. With this is mind. Setting aside the revenue issues with paizo, wizkids, etc., What I found is the problem with printing my own stuff is that I wound up more stuff. I could see that storage (and searching) stuff would become an issue quickly.

I'm playing around with things like Unity for a Tabletop video, VTT, or XR experience. for example.

That being the case I'm more interested in 3d models with associated textures/materials, rigging, and animation. 3f1344fea4306fc64086cb53 for example.

Of course this now becomes a licensing issue with Owlcat Games, Goblinworks, etc...

Broken link, fixed. Cool images; I haven't been able to play the Kingmaker computer game yet.

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A creative player in my Strange Aeons campaign cast walk the plank last session. Despite having entirely too many minis in my collection, I didn't happen to have a Huge shark.

3D printer to the rescue. Today I found a shark STL I liked, hollowed it, printed it, and stuck it on a nice Huge base.

Also found a Hastur STL that's great and should add a bit of psychological warfare while it sits on the shelf, waiting to be painted.

This really is fun and useful. It'd just be nice if Paizo-licensed sculpts were available. The more I've thought about this, the more I've thought it might be an interesting tie-in to adventure paths and modules. I'd happily pay for key NPCs and unique monsters in STL.

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I have noticed that Staples is now offering 3d printing services in a few places. Maybe this service will eventually spread until every local store has it?

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