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If you could make a new pantheon using existing Empyreal Lords for the good side of it and any existing: Archdevil, Demon Prince, etc for the evil side of it: which two for each good and evil alignment would you choose to elevate?

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(Moloch and Mephistopheles, IMO, don't cover different enough territory from Dispater)




Black Butterfly


I tried to pick from A) the more 'popular' exemplars of the various outsider races and B) those that I felt might make a more balanced 'pantheon.' (I.e. a god of war, gods with ties to nature and magic, etc.
Ideally, I'd want gods for each domain, and at least one relevant to each major class type, like a good patron for a rogue, one tied to music for bards, etc. but I was far too lazy to go this far and start making the spreadsheets required.) :)

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It is too bad you limited the choices to the lesser deities.

I would have loved to have seen a setting on the missing Golarion where the only available deities were Torag and Rovagug (the two deities conspicuously missing from the Starfinder setting).

But of course that is going rather far afield from what you are looking for.

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i'd just remove the gods, and make the whole array of empyreals and their fiendish rivals available.

just a series of local cults rather than a pantheon

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Limiting it two per alignment huh? And we have no neutral options?

*pops knuckles*

Let's get mildly weird!

Mahathallah- Goddess of death, fate, vanity. My favorite Queen of the Night- almost didn't make the cut because I was going to make Charon God of Death. She violates on my general rules of thumb about death deities (they should be at least partially neutral, in my noggin). But I really, really like her, so here she is!

Dispater- God of cities, prisons, rulership. It was him or Moloch, and Nurgal gives me a lot of what I want out of Moloch, so... He's also been consistently presented as a lawful evil deity you can actually believe people might venerate.

Vorasha- God of incurable disease, poison, toxicity. Almost gave this to Apollyon, but the inclusion of poison and some of the style motifs give Vorasha an edge. Might also expand Vorasha to be a patron of assassins if bumping up to full deity status.

Jacarkas- God of hobbling, slavery, and just generally controlling others against their will. Kind of an outlier, but also an interesting fellow patron of tyranny with the way Dispater views civilization. Also, seems like every gaming pantheon has at least one wingnut "wait, there's a god for that?!" entry, and Jacarkas makes it into this one.

Nurgal- God of the Sun, war, deserts, and so forth. I like the idea of a categorically evil sun god, and he's the sole reason Moloch isn;t in the lawful evil block- and I would have his faith appropriate as much of Moloch's stuff as made sense.

Dagon- God of the sea, sea monsters... Poseidon on an increased dose of outright monstrous evil.

Ashava- Goddess of the Moon, dancers, lonely spirits, guidance in the night, and so on. I REALLY like Black Butterfly, but with the restrictions, she has to sit this one out and cede the night skies to Ashava- I actually like Black Butterfly more, but in terms of crafting a pantheon, Ashava blends better with some of the others here.

Immonhiel- God of medicine, herbalism, toads. Healer deities tend to be kind of bland, but I like the idea of a chaotic good toad-doctor.

Arshea- Deity (Arshea doesn't pick male or female, I'm not about to do it for them) of beauty, freedom, sexuality, all that jazz. Could also fold love into the mix if one feels a need to make the pantheon "complete," but I kind of like leaving that post absent. Certainly, those who equate sexual attraction with love would treat Arshea in that fashion.

Soralyon- God of guardians, magic, yadda yadda. The monuments thing is a bit weird and I'd probably downplay it and just have shrines of his faithful be rife with beautiful sculptures and the like.

LG- A hard alignment. Most of the LG Empyreal Lords bore me.
Zohls- God of truth, investigation, maybe knowledge as a broader sphere of divine influence. I dunno.

Andoletta, goddess of consolation, respect, security. Honestly picked her purely because as written for the exercise, I have to. I suppose having what a mounts to a goddess of mercy who's also hard-nosed and no pushover could be fun.

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