Entertain one player in Magnimar for part of a session.

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So as part of an inbetween of book 1 and 2 The party will be escorting Nulia and Tsuto (both of which they spared and locked up) to Magnimar to face the Justices. 4/5 of my party members are involved in trying to earn Nulia's freedom One half the the party wants to channel her rage toward Claistria and use her as a cohort. The other half wants to reedeem her in the name of Shelyn.

My problem being the 5th member of the party an Unchained Monk of Irori has no intrest and no stak in this RP and don't want him to sit bored all session while the rest of the party has a legal battle with the Justice.

So, does anyone have any idea of anything that could give the monk something to do in Magnimar? The only idea I have is maybe have him encounter some Scarnzi mugging someone and give him the chance to have a private combat and let him feel like a hero on his own since he is the kind of player that doesn't do much rp. As it stands he is playing a monk which is way out of his wheelhouse as he usually plays fighters and barbarians but I encouraged him to try something different but still able to give a beat down.

If it were me, and knowing next to nothing about your player, I would likely give him an Irori-based encounter and use that to do some foreshadowing.

Maybe someone asks him to help them climb the Irespan to prove that they have done sufficient self-improvement, (and the climb has some added spice to keep it from being a series of climb checks), and in talking to this person on the climb, the monk learns a bit of gossip about the Foxgloves or the person mentions that they want to be in good enough shape to travel to see a relation living in Fort Rannick, because they haven't heard form them in over-long.

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