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So an player wants to use True Mind Switch on a summoned demon. The mind swap is permanent but the summon isn't.

After the duration run out, would they simply be in another plane, scene summon is just teleportation ?

Would your mind simply go into the void when the creature reforms? or some really really weird plane?... Might be able to make some weird campaign idea from

Also Would the demon's mind disappear from your body after the summon duration runs out?

Would it reform into its old body in a different plane, with both your personalities inside?

"It takes 24 hours for the creature to reform, during which time it can’t be summoned again"

Generally when eating a summon creature we voted, that the nutrition disappear with the duration.

Also Feel Free to post other questions.

Summoning isn't teleportation.

It's more like it create's a temporary existence of creature, but doesn't actually create a specific creature.

If you did this, it would probably just kill the mind swapped creature.

Also, this isn't based on a the rules so much as thematically what has been stated for how summoning magic works thematically within the universe.

It's like creating a temporary duplicate of a creature.

Wrong board.

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there are a couple of things here;

1) title - there is no spell to summon a situation
2) summonings under PF RAW creates a generic creature of the type & race specified. It is intentionally unclear about the background process or details.
3) Mind Switch True is a 3.5 mechanic and does not exist in Pathfinder, thus wrong website/forum.
There is Mind Swap
If I had to make a ruling on Mind Switch True I'd tell the player I didn't know and to try some spell research and spend some cash. If the caster did it without testing the results, well, once the summoning spell expired it would likely be his last action as a living creature. The moral for the GM is don't give away information for free or answer technically detailed questions without the PC consulting a sage - everything is IN GAME. Avoid metagaming and always ask, "how does your character know that and what are his ranks in ____."
4) Nutritional value: it can be easily inferred by Create Water and the watering of plants that eating a summoned creature does provide nutrition so long as a)the summoned creature is killed by the digestion process and b) the duration of the summoning spell is longer than the 'death by ingestion'.

Wrong forum, this belongs in third party rules questions and advice.

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Thanks, I didn't see that it was from 3pp materials! Moved again.

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