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There are a few parts of the CUP text that feel like they need updating or clarification in light of some recent site updates and releases.

The URLs in the CUP and CUP FAQ for many things have changed. For the blog, package, and Tales web fiction, the URLs are specific and used to designate what content is permitted for reuse under the CUP. For web fiction in particular, the content has been folded into the community blog and the URL just redirects to the main page.

The current URLs for things linked to in the policy are:

  • Policy:
  • Registry:
  • FAQ:
  • Package:
  • Blog:
  • Tales web fiction: or

It's also unclear whether the Pathfinder: Kingmaker CRPG is an approved product, and if so under which section. Other licensed products, like Pathfinder Legends and Comics, are listed in Section 1.

In the FAQ:

The FAQ in general hasn't been updated since the release of Starfinder.


If I have a question about particular situations or the Community Use Policy in general, what should I do?

Use our Paizo Publishing General Discussion forum.

"Paizo Publishing General Discussion forum" should probably link to this forum, at Right now it redirects back to the main page.

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I've updated the CUP with most of the changes above. (In the notice that CUP users must apply to their projects, I left the shorter "" URL in places; it redirects to the more accurate URL, and I know space can sometimes be at a premium.)

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