Problem with reporting on an event I am running

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Got into a bit of a pickle with sessions #11 and #12 for event #445990.

It looked like it didn't take the first time I added the session (#11) so I reentered the stuff and got event #12. So I tried to delete session #11 and ended up creating a ghost session with no GM or date for the event.

On another note, my character 704, which was creted at PaizoConUk as part of the Starfinder Special that was run there, was always supposed to be First Seeker(Jadnura) guild, as opposed to the Fisrt Mandate, which I gave as I thought it was the place holder for First Seeker (J). If you are tidying up my mess, can you also make that character have all reported games as First Seeker J, I've corrected where I was GM.

Many Thanks Paul (aka Deevor)

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