Rogue's Run - a two-shot module for 5 PCs at 7th level

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Now available at the Paizo Store - Rogue's Run

Rogue's Run is a two-shot adventure module (ended up longer than I attempted) for a party of 5 player characters of 7th level. Pregen characters are included. But this is more than an adventure module. It includes 4 custom starships with stats and full deck plans, 2 starships with stats only, a two level asteroid space station with full maps, a planet map and corporate mining town map, new personal equipment, new bays and systems for starships, 3 monster bestiary, a new pirate theme and space pirate class.

A band of trader-smugglers get a job to give passage to a paying guest, and to take a tech lifeform to be smuggled to a distant pirate asteroid station. Because the pirate station is under a corporate naval blockade, the PCs are force to use an ancient (pre-Drift) smuggler's route to get there, called Rogue's Run. A point A to point B starship run that more than interesting and troubling, but the rewards are great and establishing a contact with a power ally, as well as a free upgrade of their starship.

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