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Liberty's Edge


Apollo 6HP +2 Wis +2 Dex -2 Con
Healing: At Will: Stabilize 2/Day: Mystic Cure
Bow Proficiency
Natural Bowman: Weapon Focus with bows
Poet: One skill rank in Profession: poetry

Ares 10HP +4 Str +2 Con -2 Int -2 Wis
All Melee Proficiency
All Melee Weapon Focus
Extra Combat Feat

Athena 7HP +2 Int +2 Wis -2 Con
+2 Skill Ranks/lvl
+1 Genetic Bonus on Skill Checks
+2 Genetic Bonus on Initiative Checks

Demeter 6HP +2 Wis
Plant Magic: 2/Day: Entangle At Will: Detect Plants, Purify Food and Drink.

Hephaestus 5HP +2 Str +2 Int -2 Cha
Fireball: Ranged EAC 30ft 1D4F
Class Skills: Engineering, Computers
1 Skill Rank in: Engineering, Profession: weapon smith, computers
Tinker: See Goblin

Zeus 8HP +2 Str +2 Cha -2 Int
1/Day: Discharge
At Will: Energy Ray
Flight: Gain a flight speed of 30ft
Extra Combat Feat

Poseidon 7HP +2 Str +2 Dex -2 Int
Swim: Gain a swim speed of 30ft
Underwater Telepathy
Speak With Horses and Underwater Animals
Class Skills: Survival
At Will: Create Water

Hades 2HP +2 Wis +2 Int -2 Str
1/Day: Animate Dead, Command Undead
At Will: Disrupt Undead

Aphrodite 5HP +4 Cha -2 Con
Charm Person: A number of times per day equal to your charisma modifier x2.
1/Day: Command
Diplomacy: +2 genetic bonus to Diplomacy

Dionysus 6HP +2 Con +2 Cha -2 Int
Water to Wine: Turn 1 cubic foot of water into wine
Create Beverage: Create 1 cubic foot of any soft drink
Purify Food and Drink: At Will

Hecate 6HP +4 Wis -2 Str
2/Day: Obscuring Mist
At Will: Token Spell, Psychokinetic Hand
Skilled Sorcerer: +1 on casting spells

Mind Master 5HP +4Int -2Str
Blindsense (thought) 30ft
Flight (thought) 30ft
Telepathy 30ft
Resistance 5 (your choice)
Magic: At Will: Psychokinetic Hand, Telekinetic Projectile
1/Day: Detect thoughts

Sharggle 6HP +4 Str -2 Int
Darkvision: 60ft
Land Speed: 40ft
Swim Speed: 40ft
Burrow Speed: 40ft
Water Breathing
Improved Unarmed Strike: 1D3 + 1/lvl, analog

6-10ft Tall. They tend to live on Castrovel.

The Nameless:
4HP +4 Wis -2 Con
Telepathy 40ft
+2 Skill Ranks/lvl
40ft Landspeed
No Breath
No Emotions: +2 on Will saves.
Insightful: +2 on Mysticism.

They look like humans except they are more fit. They live to about 1000 years of age. They tend to lean towards being Monks, Wizards, and the like. They live in fantastic cities made up of sages and the enlightened. They are not allowed to have more than one child, with punishment of death. The most common punishment is exile. Children are kept separate from the rest of the tribe until they are 18 when they must go on a “walk of enlightenment” where the young adult leaves until he/she finds spiritual enlightenment. Another common punishment is to look after all the children. The most common reason why you would find a Nameless outside of his/her tribe is because he/she was exiled.

War Beast 6HP +4Str -2Int
Darkvision 60ft
Thick Hide: Piercing Resistance 5
Land Speed: 40ft
Unarmed Strike: 1d3 + 1/lvl
Flight: You gain a flight speed equal to your land speed

15-20ft tall. Typically live on Castrovel. They have wings which lets them fly.

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