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I was re-reading clocking field and what I see is that it still works if you move but you don't get the bonus. And when you use stealth to hide you can use it as PART of the move (at a -10 if you do a full move). So, then an operative could in theory attack move and hide in plain sight, and use its stealth bonus (instead of stealth bonus +10 if he stands still)? In the same breath, if an operative has shot on the run, he can do the trick attack then hide in plain sight with the clocking field? This would render the operative technically invisible if they can’t beat his stealth with a perception, thought?

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That doesn't work by RAW. You can hide as part of a move action, not as part of a full-action that includes movement.

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Step 1. Operative attacks, with a standard non-trick attack. We are used to this.
Step 2, operative moves and makes a stealth check.
Step 3, enemy makes a perception check. If they fail, they don't see the operative.

Everything else is stuff that does not work. That's as simple as this can get

So the cloaking is best for snipping it seems or
a weird melee strength heavy operative, since you could attack then hide in their face for a very likely concealment so 50% miss chance

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