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For those class feats that require that the fighter is 'wielding a two-handed weapon', does wielding a weapon with the two-handed trait in two hands count?

Okay, Pathfinder terminology turned that into a diabolically messy word mash. Specifically, if a fighter is wielding a Bastard Sword (has two-handed trait) in two hands, does that count as wielding a two-handed weapon for the purposes of, say, the Reeling Blow class feat?

Page 182

In addition, some abilities require you to be wielding a
weapon in two hands. You meet this requirement as long
as you hold the weapon in two hands, even if it doesn’t
actually require two hands or have the two-hand trait.

Looks like a bastard sword would work if you are wielding it with 2 hands

I agree, and RAI that's probably the case.
Unfortunately, no ability actually refers to "wielding a weapon in two hands". Near as i can tell, the only place the phrase appears is in the sentence attempting to define what it means. Abilities always use "one-handed weapon" or "two-handed weapon" when referring to requirements.
If the intent is to define a "two-handed weapon" as one that is being wielded with two hands, the text should probably be revised for the sake of consistency and clarity.

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