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Shackled City Adventure Path

While trying to expand the Shackled City Adventure Path, i came upon the old Sunless Citadel module, published way back in 2000. However, i cannot manage to connect the two storylines. Maybe Belak the outcast is a member of the Ebon Triad, but then, he is an evil druid, not a cleric. I guess i could forge some kind of connection between the Gulthias tree and the tree of shackled souls, however it all still evades me.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...

The Ebon Triad doesn't need additional members, but perhaps using another member of the upper eschelon, trying to get the process right before hand. So, perhaps they find some notes, which they find later match the same process for the tree of shackled souls. Using a druid works just fine, although adding a low-level necromancer may also help. Someone with more access to transmutations and enfeeblement to weaken the body, so the soul may be stolen?

A minor modification, but it could work for you.

Thank you Darkmeer for the feedback.

Using the Gulthias Tree as inspiration for the Tree of Shackled Souls what I was trying to link also, and the apples' ability to weaken the body also came in handy as an assassination tool (such as the murdering of the Pelorite command in Cauldron, which is mentioned at the HC).

As for the necromancer... I guess one could be added at the story (via notes to Belak) without any changes other than inventory ones; he/she could even be one of the Thirteen Cagewrights.

As a side note, the fact that both the Malachite Hold and the Sunless Citadel feature bands of hobgoblins led me to create a joined hobgoblin tribe, by also adding at the storyline the 'A Dark a Stormy Knight' (a WotC published module) and the 'Hobgoblin Outpost' (the MM 3.5 Web Enhancement).

At this point in the merging of modules with SCAP-HC, my biggest issue comes with XP allotment, for having non-core adventures played by the party can result in making the core adventures easier (a.k.a. less challenging for the players).

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