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Hey, Team.

I was notified that the subject order was pending on July 12th. It was expected to ship within 1 to 7 business days. Yesterday, July 23rd was the 7th business day. (I’m not counting Saturdays, although I thought the warehouse worked on Saturdays.)

I realize that it’s almost GenCon and the Playtest preorders have to go out, but I haven’t received any notification of a delay and I’m not sure what’s up with this order.

I would be more patient, but items in this order are going to be used in a teens’ RPG club that a teacher and I are starting for local kids. Our first session is on August 4th, and I’m worried that time to allow for days in transit is running out.

Can you please take a look at my order, see if it’s not stuck for some reason, and if possible, let me know if it’s likely to arrive before August 4th?

Thank you.

Liberty's Edge Contributor

I just got the shipping notification. If the items ship on the 27th, per the email, they *should* be here by the 4th. Thanks, Team!

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