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For those just getting into science-fiction/fantasy RPGs via Starfinder, if you're not aware of 0-hr, it's a company/brand devoted to producing starship deckplans for RPGs.

I discovered these incredible designs years ago when I was putting together my Savage Worlds science-fiction campaign. The product line started back in the days of d20 Modern/Future - or at least started out using those stats - but I found the ships easily adapted to Savage Worlds. Now, Ryan Wolfe, the owner & artist of 0-hr has created Starfinder stats for almost the entire line available for free, including blank starship sheets, and a conversion notes doc that shows how the ships were built using Starfinder rules!

You can find them at

These downloads also include the basic deckplans as a single-page PDF.

I've purchased a bunch of these over the years and they typically include battlemap-scale pages, a sample crew write-up (personalities/histories rather than stats), and art shots of the ship in action. I've found them to be a tremendous value and the fact that Ryan's already done the conversion work to fit them into my Starfinder game blew my mind. They are definitely worth checking out!

If this sounds like a shameless fanboy plug, so be it. Kudos to Ryan on the great products and for making them so accessible for Starfinder GMs!

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This is awesome. Thank you for sharing.

Previous very happy customer here. 10/10 would recommend.

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0-hr has my recommendation as well. Their products are top notch.

They have also kickstarted numerous projects to provide miniatures with deck maps at a great price. I have backed several of those and I can vouch for the quality of their work on the miniatures as well.

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