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Hey, I'm moving from the great PNW allll the way to Fairfax Virginia this August, and I was hoping to find both starfinder and pathfinder society play. Im not new to either systems and have GM'd for both. Depending on when and where society play is being offered, I would totally be up for setting up a space as a venture agent (once I settle into my new place).
If anyone familiar with the fairfax area could let me know where some locations offer society play, as well as what days, I would much appreciate that. If anyone is able to, I would also love to know of any potential areas that I could set up as a VA.
Thank you!

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Welcome to the area. Events for PFS/SFS are organized on a Meetup group.

Generally, PFS is played on Tuesdays at Gaming & Comics right in Fairfax and SFS is played on Thursdays and recently SFS on Tuesdays at the Game Tavern in Chantilly.


There is also GEXCON, which is happening at the end of August that will have PFS/SFS games as well.

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There's PFS listed in fairfax itself here

and the map so you can plan your road trip

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I played in Fairfax last November when I was in town for Thanksgiving visiting in-laws. Was a good time and I look forward to it again this year. :-)

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Thanks for the resources! I probably won't be able to play in the area until close to September, but I look forward to playing with some new folk!

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Trevor also has games at Magfest in January. It's not far from Alexandria.

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Hey, folks. I was curious what the state of Society play looked like in the area currently. I'll be relocating from a city with a robust lodge (in-person pre-pandemic and online at present), and I was hoping Nova might have a similarly dedicated community. Thanks!

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Check out the Discord shared between the Baltimore and Northern Virginia lodges and the Meetup used by the NoVa lodge for scheduling.

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I appreciate you passing on the info and am looking forward to getting to know the local community!

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