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First of all, please disregard my e-mail I've sent yesterday to CustServ.

Second, I have a strange account problem. I've somewhat got logged out on my home desktop and I can't log back in on that machine, I'm getting a "no account exists with this email" message when I try.


I continue to be logged in on my phone and my work PC (shhh, don't tell anybody!).


Paizo Employee Web Product Manager

Hey Gorbacz, it looks like something got pretty gunked up with your account. You should be able to login again now.

Silver Crusade

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Dear Chris,

Thanks a million, I was finally able to reset my password and log in!

Grand Lodge

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Curses! Foiled again!


Silver Crusade

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Oh just move along, nothing to see here.

*deletes Skeld's PDFs*

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