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Apologies if this has been brought up before.

I've run a few sessions (Sadly, never had enough interest or cohesive schedules to do so long-term), and I made a tiefling PC in case I ever got to play. I allocated a few sheets from my GMing to said PC, as per the rules.

My question is; now that tieflings are not PFS-legal without a boon, could I still use mine, since I've allocated chronicle sheets to him? I know you can 'grandfather' if you've played with a character before options change, but I've never had a chance to actually -play- in a session with him yet.

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Some earlier responses

These aren't original rulings, which others may be along to provide.

If at least one of these GM chronicle sheets applied experience to the character before August 14, 2014, and the chronicle was marked as a tiefling when received, it qualifies for continuing play as a tiefling.


Cool. I know it's going to be a moot point here fairly soon anyway, with PF2E, but it's something I was curious about. Thanks.

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