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"How'd you rest?"
"Well, I lay down, closed my eyes, and waited. I also looked up rules in eight different chapters to make sure I healed back up to full resolve correctly."

All joking aside, the rules for resting in the Starfinder Roleplaying Game are spread out between nearly every chapter in the book. It's not too complicated, but it's far harder to reference than it needs to be. Until now at least.

You can pay what you want for this essay now, on Drivethru below.

Hello, my friend purchased your book and we found it for the most part completely unbalanced compared to the base game. Your weapon damages are way higher than the core. Your upgrades for both weapon and armor are so far out of wack from the base game that it's a bit mind-boggling.

Your book is amazing for power gamers who want to use things to break the system but I find it just adds to the saying 3rd party items are unbalanced and broken.

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