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I just read about "Return of the Runelords" AP quite accidentally, so I went searching for the list of Adventure Paths.

Click on "Store" which takes me to
Click on "Pathfinder" which takes me to
Click on "Pathfinder Adventure Path" which takes me to

Can't go anywhere from there. There is a place to on "Pathfinder" which takes me back to the same page.

How do I get to the list of Adventure Paths, please.

thanks, -- david

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It's complicated. Every time I manage to get there it's by accident.

I'd hate to be one of the guys working this right now. I don't envy their task nor the pressure they must be feeling.

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Here's the list of APs.

I got there starting from the home page like this:

1) Clicked Store. This opened a menu.
2) Clicked "Adventures" under the Pathfinder heading.
3) That took me to
4) The top link on that page, labeled "Pathfinder Adventure Path" went to a blank page, so I backtracked.
5) On the page from step 3, I scrolled down a bit and clicked "Adventure Path" under the picture of the cover for Souls for Smuggler's Shiv.

Other notes:

It's odd that the iconic cover for the Adventure Path product line is still Souls for Smuggler's Shiv, which was released almost 8 years ago now. Shouldn't it be the most recent release, and swap out each month as new issues come out?

Also, in the AP list, "Return of the Runelords" is listed first, which won't be released until July. After that first entry, the list is chronological by release date, starting with the oldest AP (Rise of the Runelords) and going to the current one (War for the Crown). Having the unreleased one first is a weird departure from the chronological order elsewhere.

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You can't get from the list that Mark and Tinalles posted a link to to the actual AP volumes. When I click on Rise of the Runelords, frex, I just end up back at the home page.

You can get to the individual volumes from here by clicking on the name of the AP under Adventure Path ... as long as it's WftC, RoA, SD, RotR, or CoT, as those are the only ones listed before it runs out of room.

Mark and Tinalles, thanks for the link. Just getting back to the internet since we lost power for most of the weekend.

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