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I am currently playing a Wednesday night home campaign and really want to get into Starfinder Society play to level up some characters before Paizocon in May. Zulu's has a table open on Monday's for SFS if we can get enough interest. I will be posting on NWPFS.org once we get regularly going, but if you are interested please drop me a line at michgoblue@gmail.com I have several people expressing interest, but I think folks are waiting and seeing if a core forms.

About me: I started playing D&D back when it first started, also played Traveller, Gamma World, GURPs, Champions, and assorted other RPGs. I was a DM under 3.5 rules for 10+ years and designed tons of NPCs, creatures, and campaign scenarios. I barely played any Pathfinder, but have loved Starfinder since my group started shortly after GENCON. I am happy to GM or run a PC depending on what our group needs. I have all the Starfinder GM accessories and SFS Scenarios to date so we can start with 1-00 or hop around depending how things go. Email michgoblue@gmail.com with any questions.

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