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Over at the Roll For Combat discord channel, we put the word out about running some play-by-play SFS ... and within a few days 5 tables worth of people signed up to play!

We currently have 2 GMs, but we are looking for more to help us run games. Most of the players are new to SFS but not to RPGs or even pbp.

We plan to use the Discord channel to run the games as it will easily handle dice rolls, formatting, and inline graphics.

We are planning on running 01-01 since so many are new, but some are asking for other adventures to be run, so we are open to almost anything.

If you interested please contact me or join the Discord channel and send GM Stephen a DM and I'll get you started! We are looking to start the games towards the latter part of January 2018 while we get the tables organized.

You can view the channel here: https://discord.gg/d9MywPZ

Please let me know if you are interested, thanks!

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