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Does anyone know what website or tool can I create a interactive map?

Recently,I am preparing "Mummy's Mask" for my party, and I want to add something special but would't give my Player too much burden.

So I have a idea, create a interactive map and mark the message on the map's symbols, or even let them editing together.

But all I can find is create a map "base on" google map,
there's none of them I can upload the Mummy's Mask town or locate map and let myself to mark.

Does anyone know the tool or web can upload a map I have and mark?


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I'm not quite sure I understand exactly what you want, but I've run parts of Mummy's Mask on a Virtual Tabletop website called Roll20.net. Once you've registered a free account that website will allow you to upload a map and let your players draw and take notes on it.

Does that help?

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This is a interactive map about Witcher 3 from IGN

That what I want.

A place or a tool can upload maps and mark.

If my player want to know an Inn's info, he/she can just press the point and get the info.

And I will put some tasks or NPCs from place to place, then they can select which one they want to investigate.

A little like The Elder Scroll 5, the story is killed Alduin, but
the skyrim still have lots of secrets.

Okay, I have a better idea of what you're after now. Unfortunately I have no idea how you'd put that together. :-/

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