AetherCon 2017 - Important Update / Notification

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Liberty's Edge 5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Online

Regionally Appropriate Greetings, Everyone.

Due to technical difficulties with the AetherCon ticketing module on their website, we have no access to see who is currently signed up at each table from a coordinator perspective.

AetherCon has stated this will not be fixed before the weekend is up due to lack of access to their website developer and Hosting Company.

This also means that we can not add, edit, or delete sessions on the site either.

The site seems to intermittently time out for players and GMs as well, and I expect it will only get worse as the event hits and the website is under more load.

If you sign up for a game please ping the GM on Discord:

... as they may not be able to see that you signed up in time.

If you cannot contact a GM please ping us and we'll do our best to make that connection for you. (Same if you need to drop from a game.)

We have made a spreadsheet with a list of the games and VTT links along with the GMs Discord aliases to help connect people as best we can:

Google Sheets List of Games

The games marked in red no longer have GMs and/or have no players signed up when we last had access to the data last Saturday. (Mainly due to lack of access to the ticketing website, sadly.)

We'll update the spreadsheet as quickly as we can as we get in new data from GMs - so please check back if you do not see what you are looking for right now.

I apologize for the inconvenience this causes - I know it's a pain (for all of us) - we'll do our best to help make this as easy as possible by channeling everything we can here to Discord.

Also, to answer a FAQ, Pick-Up-Games are allowed for AetherCon, and even encouraged, over the weekend - please submit PUGs to the PFSatAetherCon website (submission link at bottom of page), so that we know they exist and please post them in the appropriate LFG channel on Discord, pretty please.

We are trying to get one last database dump from the hosting provider AetherCon uses - if we can get that information, we will send out an email to everyone registered to Run or Play in a game this weekend with as much info as we can to help smooth things out.

I will also publish all new info on Discord in the #aethercon channel to make sure everyone sees the information.

Thanks for all your hard work so far, and we appreciate your patience/understanding with all of the tech issues we're all facing - it is very much appreciated.

(On a positive note - AetherCon has agreed to go back to WarHorn next year - so this will hopefully not be an issue again next time.)

Look forward to seeing you guys at a VTT this weekend - let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Best Always,

- Jesse

Jesse R. Davis [IronHelixx]
Regional Venture Coordinator, Online
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