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I'm doing a bit of a homebrew setting with some Stellaris elements to it and in a bit of deja-vu I learned the shields do not regen during combat in this game too. And unlike stellaris, it does not appear there is anything you can fit to your ships to change that. So for particularly high end ships that can affront the associated costs, I made a homebrew shield regen item.

Shield Capacitors This expansion bay module draws excess power from the ships power core(s) and stores them in a power dynamo that can directly feed energy into the shields array without the rather... explosive risks of trying to hook up a power core directly to the shield generator. This bulky setup requires two expansion bays.

The cost and effectiveness of shield capacitors are directly linked to the model of shield generator they are supporting. Capacitors costs 2 PCU x shield PCU, and 1 BP x shield BP. Shields regenerate in combat equivalent to ½ their listed regeneration rate per round.

Example: A ship with medium shields 200 require 22 BP and 100 power for a capacitor, and it will regen 4 shields each round. A heavy shield 360 will require 28 BP and 160 power, and it will regenerate 16 per round.

As you can see, they aren't really that good anything below heavy shields, and the costs are a fair bit steep. Especially when you factor in that you are very likely spending even more for a power core housing + core to feed this thing. It might be a bit much, (and I might even take it a step further and make it like the EVE shield caps where it bloats your signature radius and thus take a penalty to TL). It's just that I want them to be something that can be useful - but only if you think about it carefully, and not something you just pick up as an automatic upgrade.

I'd love to know what you peeps think about it. Too expensive, or is it somehow too stronk as is?

Ships already can regenerate their shields during combat, it is one of the Engineers jobs to do so and is directly tied to how powerful your PCU is.

Hmmm, I see. I must have missed that in the rules. Yet another reason I'm miffed that my core rulebook order was delayed until November.

EDIT: I guess this still serves some kind of purpose as it's passive regen that doesn't require an engineering check.So it can still create an interesting dynamic where you can choose between power hungry passive regen, freeing up an engineer action, or use active tanking like normal.

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