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Pg. 8 - Kasatha Characters

Not really an error, but given that Kasatha can treat kasatha spinal swords as martial weapons, they maybe should have the following listed in their racial abilities:

"Weapon Familiarity (Ex): Kasatha treat kasatha spinal swords as martial weapons."

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Pg. 8 - Bow Nomad (Kasatha ranger archetype)

The twin bows ability seems to allow the kasatha to do something she should already be able to do without a rule telling her so.

For example, the Xill* from the first Bestiary already does this and doesn't need an ability to allow it, and doesn't have any ability inherent to their race that would exclusively allow this set-up, just the 4 arms to pull it off.

*For anyone pointing out that the Xill has two attacks with bows listed at a +13 bonus when their BAB would technically allow another attack but isn't (and therefore is different than what the Bow Nomad is doing here), that has already been pointed out in the Bestiary errata thread as a mistake.

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Pg. 19 - Leg stabilizers

As written, none of the planets presented in this book meet the qualifications for this item to operate in low gravity. The item says that in gravity stronger than x1/3 but weaker than x1, the wearer gains a +10-foot circumstance bonus to their land speed. Akiton and Aballon have gravities of x1/3 which is almost when these would kick in and grant the speed bonus. This may have been intentional (in other words, only homebrew low-gravity worlds have a use for these outside of their use in heavy gravity worlds), but this doesn't seem likely.

If a GM would want these to function in an intergalactic campaign setting within Golarion's solar system, then the second to last sentence should have "stronger than x1/3" changed to "equal to or stronger than x1/3".

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Pg. 25 - Outer Dragon Blood trait

It's worth mentioning that other than gaining Draconic as a bonus language, the other effects of this trait are made obsolete by Player Companion: Legacy of Dragons where expanded bloodlines are introduced in that book, going a step further as to also include other dragon types beyond outer dragons, provide variant bloodline arcana, and extend the relevant effects to bloodragers, also.

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Pg. 29 - Planetary adaptation and mass planetary adaptation spells

These spells function as planar adaptation and mass planar adaptation, respectively, which some other classes received access to that were published after this book was released. It may be prudent to include them as classes that can cast these spells, since the spell list seemed to transfer directly between the two groups of spells. They are:

* Planetary adaptation: medium 4, occultist 4, psychic 4, spiritualist 5
* Mass planetary adaptation: occultist 6, psychic 6

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Pg. 29 - Starsight spell

Obviously not an error, just an observation. This spell seems prime to be one of those that has text near the end that says it can be combined with permanency at such-in-such cost at a such-in-such caster level.

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Pg. 30 - Astrologer's telescope magic item

The caster level for this item says it's at CL 110th, which is obviously a mistake. It's uncertain if it should have been CL 10th, CL 11th, or something entirely different.

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Inside front cover & inside back cover - Constellations

Each of the pictures on the insides of the covers depict constellations as they would appear in the northern and southern hemispheres. If you were to cut each picture out however (don't do it) and lay them on top of each other, you'd notice that the months and corresponding roman numerals around the rim of the circle don't match up.

Basically, one picture should have their months and roman numerals arranged in reverse order to match, unless I'm missing something here.

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Pg. 13 - Season Keeper archetype

This archetype's wild shape ability is altered in that season keepers with animal companions with the spirit of winter can take the form of an ice elemental (Bestiary 2). Wild shaping into elemental forms, however, is based off of the various elemental body spells, and those spells only have detailed statistics for taking the form of air, earth, fire, and water elementals. Therefore, what exactly an ice elemental version of elemental body bestows on the character would be up to the GM's discretion, but would probably include gaining the ice glide, icewalking, numbing cold, and/or snow vision abilities. It might even grant the extra cold damage on its melee attacks that the elemental has.

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Pg. 28 - Planetarium spell

This spell's saving throw and spell resistance information were seemingly swapped. They should read as follows:

"Saving Throw Will disbelief (H); Spell Resistance no"

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