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Well, so we live in The Age of Playlists. If it ain't on Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal, it ain't.

I have an idea for a very-not-immediate product: Playlists by Paizo. Both Pathfinder and Starfinder could have a couple of those. I'll just throw some ideas:

Boss Fight
Exploration - City
Exploration - Wilderness
Exploration - Nautical
Exploration - Underground

Since the streaming services have recently picked up with game soundtracks and obscure sci-fi/horror/fantasy movie OSTs, they have become a much welcome alternative to borrowing through your mp3 collection and assembling playlists by hand.

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Have you got syrinscape?

I've had it a while but only recently started using it at the table and it is unbelievably good.

Is there any discusion about wild west and weird west as a setting? I know you just released starfinder.

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