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Pg. 7 - Nightstalls Escapee regional trait

There's nothing wrong with the text of this trait, just the introductory blurb right before it. The sentence before says "The following regional trait is available to ifrits with ties to Katapesh." This makes it sound like it's more of a race-specific regional trait. This wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for the fact that every other regional trait introduced in each of the sections here dedicated to a race says "available to characters" instead, making the ifrit's regional trait stand out as noticeably different. If all of the others are open to other races, it's possible this was as well and its text wasn't updated.

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Pg. 11 - Merabian Mentorship regional trait

The last sentence of this trait says "On a success, you can immediately add this spell to your formula book."

It's uncertain if this sentence means you understand the spell (bypassing the need to study and copy it from a scroll or spell/formula book), and can add it to your formula book after paying the appropriate cost in materials needed to add it, or if it means you can essentially add it to your formula book for free, as if you leveled up.

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Pg. 13 - Enshroud thoughts spell

A number of things to point out about this spell:

1) - This spell is labeled as an enchantment [mind-affecting] spell. Despite the fact that almost all enchantment spells have a subschool, making it seem like conjuration or illusion where having one is required (all Core Rulebook enchantment spells do, and those that have come after have stuck out for not having one), it seems very clear to me that this should actually be an abjuration spell instead. It's similar to mind blank in its theme, not to mention that the description of the enchantment school specifically mentions that its spells target other creatures' minds and affect them rather than the caster's own mind as is what is happening here.

2) - This spell is missing its spell components line.

3) - It's very strange for a personal spell with a range of "you" to have saving throw and spell resistance entries that aren't "None" and "No", respectively.

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Pg. 13 - Storm step spell

This spell is missing its spell component line.

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Pg. 21 - Planar alchemical catalyst

This item is missing the Craft (alchemy) DC to create it. Its first paragraph does state that they can be artificially reproduced rather than just found on the Elemental Plane of Earth, so it should have that Craft DC somewhere.

Additionally, the paragraph describing the use of this with holy water could probably be updated to also include unholy water, and that its effects combined with the catalyst function like holy water but towards good outsiders.

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Pg. 25 - Elemental brine

This item is also missing its Craft (alchemy) DC to create it.

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Pg. 31 - Other elemental magic items sidebar

In the table, specifically in the Water (Cold) Items section, change the source for decanter of endless water from "509" to "UE 290".

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Inside Back Cover - Elemental Spells

Not an error, but it's worth mentioning that if you're using the rare cantrips introduced in this blog post, you can add the following 0-level spells to this table in these sections:

Air (Electricity)
- breeze
- jolt

Earth (Acid)
- root

Water (Cold)
- drench

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Pg. 11 - Greater fire totem rage power

This rage power doesn't list the action needed to activate it. Technically supernatural abilities default to a standard action. Knowing for certain is important, however, because it determines whether or not this power can be taken by skalds.

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