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First off, loving the hell out of Starfinder. Looks great, love playing it.

So, if you are like me, you like having minis for your games. Unfortunately for Starfinder, there just aren't a lot of minis out there to fit the races. Sure you can find human sci-fi minis, which also work for androids, but what about the other races?

I know Ninja Division is going to release minis of the iconics sometime within the year, but those are only one mini per race. So if you find some other serviceable minis, I encourage you to post them here so that we can share what we find with the rest of the community.

Starting off, Reapermini has a few 'serviceable' Kasatha

And a series of 'mouselings' that could function as Yskoi

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I'm planning on using my ol' WOTC star wars minis. Not exact, of course, but closer than anything else I can think of.

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I'm using Star Wars minis as well. Trandoshans are reasonable vesk replacements. Verpine and Rodians can be a Shirren replacement. It's not perfect, but it's close.

I am using starwars, 40k, at43, and a combination of other stuff from traveler and years back. My plan is to use my star wars armada, x wing, star trek, battletech and full thrust ships for ship combat and my 8/6mm battletech and 10mm dropzone commander stuff for urban building assaults etc. I also have several sci fi board games and the Nakamuri Tower and Be a Better Human stuff has a nice cyberpunk feel to it.

Also, December will release some ships and minis for starfinder!

Ewoks for Yskoi lol

I plan to use micro machine SW for ships, but 40k and Reapers fer the PC. Really want to use Merc 2.0 and Infinity minis fer PCs because they look amazing.

I think the hardest thing to find minis fer are the ships though. Even SW Armada and X-Wing seem a bit too big for the hexes.

Ebay likely has a bunch of the Silent Death ones. I have several of them myself. They are all pretty much one hex as are the star trek and Babylon 5 fleet scale models for ships.

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Heroscape had a few minis also that fit well. For PF and D&D minis we also used a Denizen of Leng, wererat, red mantis assassin, thri-kreen, Inspired Lieutenant, and a few hero clix gunners for the Pre-gens that came out. The only thing that didn't fit great was a drone mini - we used a homunculus ;)

But - build a dedicated SF mini set and I'm all in!

Chronoscape, 40K, Infinity, Warlord Games, Wargame Exclusive, Mantic Games (the Verr-Myn are Ysoki) there are actually lots of appropriate minis out there but you have to hunt through tons of boutique shops to find them.

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I'm using infinity minis for my PC's since they all have reasonable armor, most of their body is covered anyway. Thankfully I don't have any vesk in the group to worry about. Our Lashunta is amid attempts to add antennae to her minis :p

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Mantic has most of this covered. There's sooooo many sci fi mini ranges now.

40k has entire sites dedicated to selling off second hand minis at reasonable prices. Great for converting.

For good drones, check out Beyond the Gates of Antares. They have awesome hover drone minis.

For space ships, Firestorm Armada sells core sets for their fleets that have multiple size vessels in them. There's enough fleet/race variations to get an awesome array of vessels relatively cheap if you're after that. Only issue is they don't come on hex bases, but I'm most likely going to run space combat on open map with measuring devices any way.

Not too many lizard men space folk around that I've seen. Most of the ones in that category are all large based. I was thinking of using the monkey dudes from Infininty miniature range instead. They're all heavily armoured brutes so works for my image of that lot.

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One of the players in my upcoming Starfinder campaign plans to play a human soldier, so he is covered.

For the 2nd player, who plans to play a Ysoki mechanic, the 1st player produced a bunch of mousling miniatures that look about right. I think he also has some Star Wars minis that could be used for the drone.

jejumbe wrote:
I'm using infinity minis for my PC's since they all have reasonable armor, most of their body is covered anyway. Thankfully I don't have any vesk in the group to worry about. Our Lashunta is amid attempts to add antennae to her minis :p

How is she attempting that? super thin wire or green stuff? something else? hope it works out for her :)

I found VEER-MYN from the Warpath Universe for Ysoki. They remind me of a sci-fi Skaven. I was able to order a miniature from amazon.

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