A side-quest: The Song Pharaoh's Coda

Mummy's Mask

I wrote a one-shot adventure set in Osirion which may make a suitable side-quest for a Mummy's Mask campaign. Here's a link to the full write-up.

Note several things:

1) The treasure values are decidedly monty-haul because it was a one-shot. In a longer campaign the rewards will need to be reduced.

2) I haven't actually read or played Mummy's Mask, so I have no idea how well it will or won't mesh with the events of that AP. So .. caveat emptor.

Here's hoping someone finds this fun and useful.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I have only browsed through your adventure, but I think it could be neatly added to the second part of this AP's 3rd volume, when the PC explore the Parched Dunes.

I need to read more to see if that would fit but, at one point, the PC stumble upon a group of gnoll slavers with a dozen captive villagers.

Those villagers could come from one of the villages near the Chantress's settlement (an opportunity to introduce this character), and one of them could choose to reward the PC by telling them of a strange glyph they saw carved in a rocky cliff nearby (the hieroglyph marking the entrance to the tomb). That should be enough to incite curious PCs to investigate the place.

Thank you very much for sharing your work, much appreciated!

Excellent, glad to hear there's a good spot for it. I'll cogitate on what you've said and come up with some adjustments to make it fit in a little more easily.

I may just break down and read Mummy's Mask. I've got a half dozen adventure paths, which is waaaaay more than I'll ever be able to play at the rate my groups do them. So spoilers are probably not a realistic concern.

Muminofrah would be ideal to send the PCs on this quest for her as well, as she reports directly to the Ruby Prince.

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