The Song Pharaoh's Coda: an adventure for 9th level PCs

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I give you:

The Song Pharaoh's Coda

A one-shot adventure set in Osirion for 9th level PCs. Retrieve the lost Scrolls of Thoth for the Ruby Prince -- and perhaps discover the ultimate fate of the Song Pharaoh!

The adventure includes the following:

- handouts
- maps suitable for printing or VTT use
- copies of the maps without dungeon dressing, suitable for repurposing
- stat blocks for all NPCs
- portrait suggestions for all NPCs
- Hero Lab files

One of my gaming groups managed a reunion after several years absence, and I created this one-shot for the occasion. They enjoyed it sufficiently -- and I had put enough effort in making all the maps, coding things in Hero Lab and statting out NPCs -- that I thought I would go the extra mile and code it up as a web site for the community to play.

It may make a good side-quest for a Mummy's Mask campaign, but note that the treasure values will need to be adjusted in this case, as they were not balanced for a longer campaign. Also, while I have tried to keep it in line with Golarion world lore, I am not omniscient, and things change. This is not canon in any way, shape, or form. So just bear that in mind.

The web site should work tolerably well on both mobile devices, but it works best on full size desktop browsers. I have also included a print style sheet, so it should print reasonably cleanly.

I am eager to hear any feedback you may have. In particular, I am interested in hearing feedback on:

1) The Song Pharaoh. Golarion world lore called for her to be an exceptionally powerful NPC, and the basic plotline of the adventure involves her fighting alongside the party for a while. That puts it dangerously close to Mary Sue territory. I have tried to build in checks and balances to prevent her from stealing the limelight from the players. If anyone has any suggestions on that point, by all means sing out.

2) The Heads of Apep encounter may not be balanced correctly. My players felt it was too easy considering it was advertised as a fight with manifestations of the will of an ancient god of chaos and evil. So after the session I revised their stats to make them more difficult. The version presented on the web site as of this writing has not been play-tested. So if you have suggestions or feedback, please let me know! Custom monsters are difficult, and a weak area in my design skills.

I've poured months of effort into this adventure. It's a labor of love. So I hope you and your groups enjoy it!

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