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captain yesterday wrote:

Does ANYONE still watch Survivor? I never hear anyone talk about it anymore.

Captain Yesterday fun fact: i've never seen an episode of Survivor.

I'll be honest I can't remember if I watched it, either i never did or I forgot.

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I quite like the concept but had absolutely no idea what was going on 'strategy' wise. Irrespective, it was better television than an endless stream of generic pop singers, in my view.

Sovereign Court

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Im starting to see an improvement around here already in all the, "political threads have no value to me, good thing nobody can have them anymore" posts.

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Temp locking for review.

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nighttree wrote:
Chris Lambertz wrote:
Removed a derail. Folks, derailing this with a debate about what words are/are not offensive is not productive (for the record, "cis" is not a word our staff considers a slur, you can't use a particular "f" word to refer to gay people here either). If you're questioning whether a word is acceptable, our team is happy to answer, but elevating the conversation in this way doesn't help.

I should know better than to even get involved in a discussion of this nature....but what the hell...

I wasn't part of the discussion where the alleged "racism" I have no opinion on that.

That said it has become very a very biased fashion, to throw accusations around, especially accusations of racism and homophobia. People are very quick to jump others and make such accusations....and as often as not it's either a simple (or obscure) misunderstanding.

For example...Chris stated above the staff don't consider "cis" a slur...guess what...I most certainly do. I don't care what labels someone else chooses to apply to themselves.....but NOBODY get's to apply labels to me, and tell me I have to accept them.

Likewise someone got jumped last week for using a term (I forget the exact term)....and was immediately jumped because it's origin is related to Gypsies or some it's considered a "slur"....when in reality it hasn't meant that for many generations, and their usage of the term was completely in line with common usage (depending on your generation I suppose).

Are there racists and homophobes in the bet.....
There are also (in far greater numbers these days) radical SJW that are just looking for anyone to attack.

If you see something you think is offensive....ask them what they mean before assuming offense it intended, or some form of prejudice is in play.

Stop looking for someone to go to war with....that's not what any of us are here for.

Just some random thoughts from a 53 year old Gay Heathen.....

Reference the original post quoted in this response. Hosting debates over what words are "valid slurs" is not something Paizo is interested in. Please respect the direct requests of any Paizo employee. Normally, this is a post that would be removed, but since it seems to be a point of contention in this thread, please refer to the statement below:

It is completely disingenuous to assume that what our staff determines is and is not acceptable for usage on our forums is done so on a whim, or as a means to make people feel excluded. There have been/are currently members of Paizo staff, our team of freelancers, the wider gaming industry, and the community we foster here who identify as LGBTQ+, and we choose to strive to give them an environment where they feel they can post. To consider "cis" as a slur undermines their lived experiences, as well as being inaccurate to describe the context in which it is used. We understand that not every decision we make is going to be acceptable to everyone, and again acknowledge that for some people, this is not the community for them.

Additionally, a post was removed that conflated the usage of "cis" with the "n-word." This is incredibly, incredibly inappropriate, because it compares a minority niche of folks who may use "cis" to be hurtful, to a history of a majority imposing hatred, violence, and oppression. We will absolutely not host comments that attempt to do this or similar.

At this point, it's not clear that this discussion is going in any specific direction, and we also do not want the thread sitting unattended over a weekend.


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