Appropriateness of Item Creation and Leadership feats

Strange Aeons

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I'm getting ready to run Strange Aeons for my group (but haven't yet read the whole thing) and the question has come up about if item creation and leadership feats are appropriate for this AP.

So, will the PCs have sufficient down time to make use of item creation feats? Given the various interdimensional jaunts, is having a cohort and other followers doable?


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Without modifying the campaign's flow, I would say there is really only one chance for the PC's to do some serious crafting. Because of that, I would probably advise against investing feats or skill points into it. However, there's some potential for cohorts, so if you don't mind the balance issues that can sometimes come up with Leadership, I would encourage it. Nothing quite ups the scare factor more than seeing an NPC meet a grisly fate. I'm not saying you should purposefully annihilate their cohorts, buuuuut they do serve as a potential source of loss and horror should something... ahem... end up happening to them.

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Thanks Spastic. I had the same question as TheCSpider.

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I have rule that my players can, when in an area civilized enough, purchase the materials needed to craft in advance and then work on their item creation during their adventuring day as per the item creation rules. I don't think it's a game-breaking change, since they still have to decide to invest the gold in advance.

As far as I can tell, they will have ample opportunity in the middle three books to prepare spells (and therefore dedicate time toward item creation) and have access to materials. I anticipate this will be used for the usual scrolls potions and wands, and not creating an Apparatus of Kwalish, but I guess we'll find out.

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