2017 "Is Anyone Running..." Thread (Pick-up Games)

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Pick-up games are going to be everywhere, this I know. However, what with this being my first time attending a convention like this, I'm not certain how many non-Pathfinder games people tend to run. Board/card games in particular, there are a few I'm very interested in playing. I had the thought that a whole thread devoted to the topic might be helpful. Feel free to ask about the games you'd like to see.

So, without further ado, Is Anyone Running...

Arkham Horror? I played an abortive session via PbP a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it, but the game with all the expansions can be... expansive, so I wouldn't blame anyone for not wanting to pack it.

Mouse Guard? I'm bringing my own book of the system and could in theory be talked into being a mumbling, stuttering GM for it, but I would much rather play.

Cards Against Humanity? It feels like CAH and some of its less-respectful bootlegs would be a poor fit for the public con spaces, playing with strangers doubly so.

I can see Betrayal at House on the Hill in the event schedule, so I'm pretty dang sure there'll be pick-up games of that. Personally I intend to bring index cards and sharpies for 1000 Blank White Cards, and my copy of A Penny For My Thoughts.

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I am super interested in playing a pick-up game of Mouseguard.

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Depending on timing and my need for sleep, I may very well try to organize a pick-up game of Fiasco.

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I won't have to leave for the airport until 5PM on Monday or so... Anyone else going to be around after the con for a pick-up game?

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I am bringing two social deduction games. One: Coup. Two: Secret that dude from Germany that committed a lot of atrocities but that so shouldn't put you off to this game.

We'll be bringing a couple social games (Channel A, FitzIt, and Who Would Win?) and our copy of Inspectres.

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