What happens to the MTA?

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During Umberhulk Smash, the MTA shows up to assist the players. (My umberhulk didn't live that long!) Later, after the tax riot when the fire elementals attack Minuta's Board they are nowhere to be seen.

One of my players asked if the MTA was still around. I smiiled and said "Yea, that does seem odd that they didn't show up for that, huh." But deep down I was thinking "Oh crap, I forgot all about them!"

I cannot think of when else they will show up until Foundation of Flame. Did anyone else use them throughout the campaign?

I didn't use them at all. Just another organization out of a thousand to not pay any attention to. Am I right?

Seems like they would show up for Foundation of Flame, but your party might not remember them.

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Destroyed in the Siege of Redgorge?

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Or is that after the fire ellie attack. Probably is.

Maybe they just don't care about the horcs and the Blue Duke?

This is after the fire elementals attack. The party has just gone down the river to look for Alek. I think if they press the issue and dig into it I'll have the MTA agents say they were ordered to stand down by the Mayor and not intervene.

I don't know if I'm going to run the siege of Redgorge. I'd like to give the PCs the chance to diffuse the situation first.

I agree with Tyro...they didn't add any value to my story line and I omitted them

I probably would have forgotten about them were it not for the fact one of my players asked about the MTA. Flipping through the hardcover they do seem to be suspiciously absent after the umberhulk. Which is why I asked if anyone had any neat ideas for them. :)

I had the MTA show up for the fire elementals . . . it just took them a minute to get there. But a minute is ten combat rounds, so the PCs had the situation handled before the MTA got there.

The Players were like, "Oooo, big help, the MTA!" And I had to remind them, "Hey, a one minute response time is very good. Think about the emergency services in this country: they don't respond that fast." Then the group admitted that they weren't that bad.

When Rhiavadi's dinner fight spilled out into the grounds of her manor, I set another ten round timer for the MTA. Of course the fight was over before they got there, but the PCs still appreciated that they came at all, and that the MTA took the group at their word that a noble was up to shennanigans even though they were of low birth (being the Crater Bowl champions and heroes of the Demonskar Ball actually helped this roll a lot).

The group saw the MTA again during Foundation of Flame. The PCs would see squads of the MTA running about solving similar, but different problems, from what the group was (same for Skylar Krewis and the Watch).

My groups have had positive interactions with the MTA; the MTA usually tries to recruit the group because they are so very effective. So, when in Thirteen Cages and all Carceri is breaking loose with demodands falling from the sky and fire elementals erupting from lava vents and Jenya Urikas is urging the group to head down a lava tube to solve the problem and leave the city to its own devices, the group feels much better about that course of action when Hannai Pershai, leader of the MTA, runs up with every one of her agents saying, "We've got this! GO! Save the city!"

TyroAmberhelm wrote:
I didn't use them at all. Just another organization out of a thousand to not pay any attention to. Am I right?

I don't if you're "right", but I sure agree.

I left them out of Umber Hulk smash -- just had 1st level Warriors show up as the Cauldron Guard.

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