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We were playing the scenario "A Sandstorm of Malevolent Will". A sandstorm threw us into an Aghash a couple times, causing us to add both the extra sandstorms into the blessings deck. At this point, there is one Sandstorm in the blessings discard, and the rest are in the blessings pile. If we should examine another Aghash, there are three possibilities that I can see for what would happen:

1) Discard a card from the blessings deck, but don't add a sandstorm. This seems to satisfy the "do everything you can" ruling, and seems the most likely.
2) Take a sandstorm from the blessings discard to shuffle in to the blessings deck.
3) Use a token to represent sandstorms to add to the blessings deck.

Like I said, 1 seems most likely, and will probably not cause problems if every Sandstorm is in the blessings deck. Wanted to get an official opinion, though.

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Though note that you shouldn't have more than 1 Sandstorm (the one you are actively working on) in the blessings discard pile because its last instruction is "Then banish this card."

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Ah, yeah. I completely missed that. Everything makes more sense now :p

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Yeah, we missed that the first time too, in all of the moving-examining confusion. :)

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