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It's been a while since I've been perusing the website, and decided to take a look at the FAQ and see what updates have occurred since I last visited. I do know that those entries that are less than a month old have a red hot-link. The problem I am having is that there are numerous updates that are new to me, but are older than a month, so looking at the hot-links doesn't clue me in to which ones are new.

Would it be possible to add the date of inclusion at the end of the hot-link title in addition to dating the entry? That way, I can scan the list of hot-links for dates that I might have missed rather than scrolling through the entire page.


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I can see the usefulness in that. I'll pass it along to our Tech Team :)

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Sweet! Thanks!

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Or set a cookie when the browser loads the errata page with a datetime. The next time the browser loads the page the server checks the datetime on the cookie to see if the datetime is older than the last page edit/update and then use javascript to change the font to red for changed/new content?

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