Using Names of Places from Pathfinder in a Store Name

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What do I need to do in order to use any part of Pathfinder's realm in a store name?

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If you're asking whether you can use Paizo's intellectual property to name your store (such as proper names form Golarion or their gods/goddesses/etc.) I'm pretty sure you're going to get a resounding "DON'T DO THAT" from them... if you're lucky, it'll start with "PLEASE".

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Because we have no control over how such a business might reflect on our brand, we aren't willing to grant permission to use our intellectual property in store names. (Frankly, it's probably far wiser to choose an original name for your store that isn't reflective of any one publisher’s products anyway!)

What are you wanting to use?

Ok, thanks. I was thinking of using Galorian as part of my store name. So far, its was part of my brainstorming & research section of my store planning.

Well, you could maybe use Galorion since that's not a name that Paizo uses at all. Golarion, on the other hand...

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Golarian is the adjective form of the proper noun.

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