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~Mites are actually fey children, a mix of Children of the Corn and Peter Pan's Lost Boys.
~Svetlana is pregnant at the start of the game, gives birth shortly thereafter.
~Stag Lord's ring has a single strand of unbreakable green hair wrapped about it. While he wears it he has the "Fey-Touched" template.
~Kressle is a "strange and exotic" (Fey Creature).
~A similar strand of green hair is on the kobold statue.
~Breena the Dryad is introduced early on near the Statue of Erastil.
~The life-sized statue of the elf woman in the Fey castle in RRR. She's actually a victim of a flesh to stone spell, and knows much about Nyrissa as well
~Varnhold Maeghar Varn has a daughter (Holly), she was 16 at the start of Book II. Varn had hoped to secure a political alliance by marrying Holly off to one of the Player's Council members.
~Run Fellnight Queen between Rivers Run Red and the Varnhold Vanishing, Queen Rhoswen is Nyrissa's daughter.
~The Nomen Centaurs are indifferent, not aggressive, towards the party but are easier to anger.
~Use the Kingdom Events found here
~Right after the Varnhold Vanishing have a small area of the kingdom disappear for a week as a prelude to Nyrissa's plans.