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A friend of mine was a little interested in creating character cards for a playthrough of WotR. In particular he was wanting to remake his tiefling wizard, but in general I was wondering if anyone knew of any good sources for art for cards since my searching has not yielded many results. I am aware of the policy regarding using the art on the Paizo Blog and which ones you can use from that.

I imagine that any cards I make would be Private rather than Public.

It might be a bit till I get back to check the thread but I wanted to thank everyone in advance for helping. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Sovereign Court

The two major sites i am using for my cards are
Pinterest and deviantArt

Finally back to check the thread.

I will definitely check those, and coincidentally enough a friend mentioned deviantArt over the weekend.

Thank you.

LudwigO wrote:

The two major sites i am using for my cards are

Pinterest and deviantArt

I know the internet is very...liberal... with image usage, and I see deviantArt stuff all over the place, but I always assumed DA had some basic protection rights against people taking DA images and using them however they please (even if nobody follows them).

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Legally: unless otherwise licensed (creators can designate a license when they post a picture on deviantArt) images there enjoy the same copyright protection as any other file anywhere on the Internet. Said protection varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and it's left to the creator to find and report/stop violators. Some jurisdictions also have a concept of Fair Use which may allow some uses of said files.

Practically: if your browser can show it to you, you can get the image. Some creators have deviantArt put large watermarks on their pictures which may make them unsuitable for whatever purpose you might have to prevent this sort of thing.

I've used pictures from various sites as illustrations for GM screens, RPG characters, and plenty of other things...none of which I've distributed. You'd only know if you looked at my character sheets or played in a game I was GMing. I've also used some images properly licensed on things I have distributed, and some under an expectation of Fair Use on non-commercial items I've distributed.

As far as the Card Creator goes, legally I think you'd need an image that was licensed for commercial use regardless of public/private. I'm not a copyright lawyer, though. Practically, if it's not marked as public I doubt anyone will notice.

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