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The transition from chapter 5:Demonskar Legacy to Chapter 6:Test of the Smoking Eye is a little odd and a little vague.

The end of Chapter 5 says the players are stranded in the middle of a desert 500 miles from Cauldron. It offers many suggestions on how to return and states that they should return in order to stop the Redgorge invasion.

The beginning of Chapter 6 places them in that same desert and getting rescued by Kauraphon. Despite the fact that they were supposed to go back and stop the invasion.

How did you other DM's handle this transition?
I plan on using the Redgorge invasion write-up at the rpgenius site.

When did you plan the redgorge invasion?
Did the players stop it?
Before or after The Test of the Smoking Eye?
If before, how did you introduce Kauraphon?

Like I said, the transition is so odd and vague and stilted and railroady.
It's just weird.

I wrote it such that Kaurophon was able to manipulate the starry mirror devices to drop the party into a desert on another unspecified plane. When the party druid shapechanged into a raptor and flew around to scout the area, she saw Kaurophon sitting by a fire. The party collectively moved to engage him and he explained that he was going to a location that would allow the party to teleport without error anywhere in the multiverse. He then offered them the opportunity to go with him. I described the Lesser Amulet of the Planes as allowing the bearer to walk through planes such that the changes were subtle (ie Chronicles of Amber)to preclude him seeming false by teleporting to Occipitus.

My party assisted K and followed the TOSE as written but it was obvious to them that I was railroading them to follow Kaurophon.

They returned to Redgorge from Occipitus in time to defuse tensions and stop the invasion. I described time as running slower on Occipitus so that the actual time away from Cauldron was very small.

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I'm 3/4 the way through Chapter 6 and had Nabthathoron still imprisoned on another demi plane that is desert-like in substance. The party was thus "trapped" and Kaurophon played the mysterious stranger.

I'll set up Redgorge under siege when they return to Cauldron, using the info at rpgenius.

Most of my campaign from Chapter 3 forward is on the forums. Intro to Kaurophon here. I took extreme liberties with the dialogue presented and made Kaurophon a much more accomplished deceiver. I got rid of the babua fight. Partly because I cut a lot of unnecessary encounters for the boards and partly because I felt it to be super cheesy. The "wise" planar walker seemed better suited to my needs.

Nice Flash, I always enjoy reading other peoples versions of the campaign. I'm going to read through yours.

This is a link to may campaign hosted on Obsidian Portal here.

Just started chapter 5, some interesting alternatives being discussed...

Let me know how it plays out KenderKin. I'm ALMOST to chapter 4

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