I did some refluffing of magic for my setting.

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I don't want to use the Arcane-Divine magic divide in my current worldbuilding project, because it doesn't really fit how I envision magic. So I wrote up a couple magic systems that fit the themes I wanted, and placed the magic using classes under the themes where I wanted them. If a class isn't on the list, it doesn't exist in my setting. My setting is industrialized magitech, not medieval.


Witchcraft – There are many spirits in this world, and powerful forces beside that can grant someone the ability to manipulate the mystical forces of the world. Some people know how to deal with these forces to gain power for themselves, while others have some other form of connection to the mystical creatures of the world. By communing or looking deep into the power of their ancestry, these people can wield powers far beyond what others can dream of. All practitioners of witchcraft are referred to as witches. Any Occult Adventures classes I choose to include after acquiring the book will likely fall under Witchcraft.



A person who gains power by negotiating with a mysterious extraplanar patron. Uses the Witch class features.


A person who gains power from the spirits of the world.


A person who is skilled at calling and binding creatures.


A person of extraplanar, fae, or other mystical blood who can use this blood to effect the world around them. Some use it in a more martial oriented fashion, becoming Bloodragers.


Speechcraft – Words have power, because they represent the cultural and psychological concepts people share with each other and how people view their relationship with the world. Some people can unlock that power by understanding the basics of the way these concepts fit into the mystical forces behind everything in the world. Nobody comes close to fully understanding these forces, but those who can understand a bit can use that understanding to change things about how the world works. This process involves carefully either written incantations, called runes, which are used by prepared casters and written down in the morning for casting later in the day, or complex verbal incantations, which are used by spontaneous casters. Users of speechcraft are referred to as speakers.



An individual who has entered into the study of how a couple of chosen concepts can affect the mystical forces of the world. These concepts are called Domains.


An individual who uses the concepts contained in a holy scripture to affect the world in the name of their god.


An individual who affects the world using the concepts behind a code of law, whether that law be secular or religious, and whether it be a written code of law or a set of personal morals. Uses the Inquisitor class features.


An individual who affects the world using the concepts around the way people interact with their natural environment. Uses the Druid class features. Pioneers are Wardens who use Ranger class features. Spell less rangers are called Skirmishers, after the archetype they all use.


An individual who affects the world using the concepts regarding combat.


An individual who affects the world using the concepts regarding artistic expression. Skalds are a variant of Bard.


Alchemy – The understanding of how the mystical forces of the world intertwine with the laws of science, usually chemistry. This is as mysterious a discipline as any other discipline, but it shows promise, and is by far the most common method of utilizing mystical forces. Alchemists outnumber both witches and speakers put together. The classes that use Alchemy are the Alchemist and the Investigator (which is an alternate class of the Alchemist, and a member would be called an Alchemist), though other classes like Cabalists can learn to dabble by using the Brew Potion feat.


What do you guys think of the flavor here?

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