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For the last month or so, I've been working on a blog converting material from Pathfinder to 5e, particularly focused on material that my players need for our Iron Gods campaign.

So far, I've got a version of the mesmerist class, racial write-ups for the kasatha, the lashunta, and the triaxians, archetypes for the barbarian and the ranger, and a bloodline for the sorcerer. (There's some other stuff, too, but those are the most relevant and interesting.) I changed some of the names, to give me a little more freedom to play with the races and classes, but it's been a fun project that I think some of y'all might be interested in. I've only been doing it for a month, but it's pretty content-heavy.

I'm thinking about switching gears in June, from supporting my Iron Gods campaign to doing conversions for different worlds. I want to build 5e vanara and darfellan, and they just don't fit into Iron Gods very well, at all. Later this summer, I'm planning on converting more of Occult Adventures and I have some other ideas in mind for things I want to see.

What aspects of Golarion would you like to see in 5th edition rules? I've seen conversions of the Oracle elsewhere, but I have some ideas for the Inquisitor and the Witch that I'd like to play around with.

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I think the Paladin of Vengeance can work well as the Inquisitor, at least flavor-wise and even mechanically. Half-orc adds Intimidation for free, Elf adds Perception for free, and the Half-elf adds 2 skill proficiencies for free. Optional human rules adds 1 skill proficiency for free, so classes that were traditionally skill monkeys in 3.5/PF can be "simulated" with the right races in 5th Ed. And of course, backgrounds add a lot of flexibility and versatility.

That said, I can see the ranger chassis working for the inquisitor. Maybe change their Saving Throw proficiencies (Wisdom and Charisma?), and create a new spell list. Maybe replace Extra Attack with Bane (a lot of cleric domains give a bane-like ability by giving +1d8 at 8th, and again at 14th).

Alternatively, use the rogue chassis, and futz around with the Arcane Trickster archetype by giving out divine spells and some other benefits, like using Cunning Action to Help, etc., to simulate Teamwork Feats.

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I love the rogue idea! I'm in the early stages of toying around with the idea that the rogue and the fighter archetypes have five levels, and the ranger and paladin have four. It might be interesting to have a portable archetype, with kickers for each class. "You can take this archetype if you are a rogue or a fighter, and the base abilities are the same, but rogues also get X and fighters also get Y..." The inquisitor is, I think, ripe for that, because it's such a diverse set of abilities.

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I've thought about it, and the inquisitor might fit better on the paladin chassis. Judgments and bane could be different types of Channel Divinity, the paladin spell list matches pretty well with the concept, and can be customized with new Oath spells. The 7th level aura can be used to grant advantage to allies skill checks and initiative, which would combine stern gaze, teamwork feats, and cunning initiative.

At 15th level, they could get a Steadfast-like ability, similar to Evasion, but taking half damage on a failed Con/Wis/Cha save and none on a successful save.

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