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When casting [Wish/Miracle], you may choose one spell you know and impart knowledge of that spell to any creature that can cast spells, and adding that spell to their list of spells known on top of their usual number of spells known. The creature to whom you have imparted that knowledge must share the type of magic you can cast (arcane for Wish, divine for Miracle), but does not necessarily have to have that spell on their spell list. The spell does not count towards their limit of spells known, but they can only gain a number of spells this way up to a maximum of their key casting ability modifier.

When casting [Wish/Miracle] and choosing this effect, the spell has no expensive material component. Instead, you suffer ability damage to your key casting ability score equal to the level of the spell. This ability damage can only be healed by natural means, and is unaffected by magic. If both you and the subject are willing, you can split this ability damage equally between you. You cannot use this version of [Wish/Miracle] while suffering ability damage to your key casting ability score.

What do you guys think?

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I'd wish for something else. How do you heal by natural means? herbs 'n' stuff, or sleeping? I assume sleeping, resting; which will just make your party camp for a week or two before going on unhindered. That doens't add much excitement or danger to the game IMHO.

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Sleeping, usually at the rate of 1/day, so you'd do it mostly as downtime.

I've heard of sorcerer-like characters using wish to forget a spell known and fill it with another. Adding another spell could be harder.

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