(Interest Check) New game system. "Lost Server". Looking for feedback.

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Hi there!

I've been all over these forums and I didn't trust other web site forums for this kind of stuff since I don't know them from Adam.

I was actually wondering if anyone would be interested in a new tabletop system/setting I've been developing? I'm still in Alpha phase, but looking to test the waters to get a feel for how interested some other gamers besides the ones in my close circle of friends would be in the game concept.

I've been working on a game system called "Lost Server". It's purpose is to make a tabletop game system that can capture the 'feeling', but none of the slogging through and number crunching, of MMORPG's. The game is a D10 based system, and should not need any other kind of dice.

The game is set under the concept that the players are playing people who are trapped in a virtual video game world, where it feels so real, except there's elements of a video game interspersed through it.

Popular media involving this is, but not limited to: .Dot/Hack, TRON, Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, Ready Player One.

The character doesn't even have to be a video gamer. Just for some reason... they woke up in the starter area of the world and have no idea how they got there, or why.

The system predominantly will feature the mmo emulation, but there's also a portion dedicated to the character's growth and development as a person.

The game is going to leave the truth behind their imprisonment intentionally vague to the player, but will present a few different options to the Admins chapter about what was going on, as well as different optional mmo themes.

The core system book would include a somewhat basic overview of the world, the systems used to play the game, and the different races/equipment/abilities the players can attain. There will be a section in the back for monsters and npc's.

Later books would have modules with actual quest chains in them. There may also be 'sub-class' books that detail certain sub-classes in the game and the quests to level them up.

Please let me know your thoughts. Just... please be polite? I am fine if you dislike the idea or have some negative opinions; I would like to hear your reasoning, not 'it is dumb STFU'.


While I think the idea has merit, sadly it's just something that doesn't interest me. I'm not a huge fan of the "trapped in a simulation/game/whatever" genre, at least not enough so that I'd want to play an TTRPG of it.

Best of luck with it though, I hope you get some people interested and get it off the ground.

I'm not sure that you actually need to create a new system for this kind of thing. Pretty much any game system can do what you're looking for, with a little modification.

4E, in particular, had a very console RPG/MMO feel to it in terms of how it handled combat and abilities. I've actually likened it to the old Shining Force and Phantasy Star games in that regard.

From what you've mentioned above, it sounds to me more as though you have the makings of a detailed game world, that could be adapted to one of a number of systems with just a few optional rules and tweaks.

In terms of playability, it's not particularly my cup of tea (the "you all wake up in a strange world" trope, not the MMO-nature of it), but I'll forward your thread to my .hack crazy friends and see what they say. Maybe I can convince them to finally join the forums. ;)

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There's also the Log Horizon TRPG, which seems to have everything you want as well. But I strongly agree with jemstone, most of what you want is already available.

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