Anyone still subscribing to D&D Insider?

4th Edition

Sovereign Court

I wondered if it might be worth it for the online magazine segment. I don't relish the idea of paying $5 per issue if they are all online.

Does it still include the magazines? One of my mates is. Only because he keeps forgetting to stop the automatic renewal...

Shadow Lodge

As far as I know, you can subscribe for one month, and download the entire 4e run of both magazines. There's a period of time (about a year and a half) where they are not available as full PDFs, you have to download each individual article as a separate PDF, however. Also, those issues there's not a high-resolution cover available through D&Di (at least there wasn't when I subscribed for my 1 month right at the very end).

I still subscribe and will continue to do so as long as 4e content is still available in the magazines and tools. 5e is much too simple to require a Character Builder program and so far all content has been free for 5e.

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