Could An Ancient Red Dragon Be Slipped In Here?

Shackled City Adventure Path

What lies below is spoiled just in case my players happen to be reading this. That's because, despite the subforum I'm posting in, this has some very mild Age of Worms spoilers. It won't spoil anyone else, but I'm doing some foreshadowing in my game and my players would learn more from this than they should.

I'm not running Shackled City. I'm running Age of Worms, which features a resurrected red dragon who was killed by adventurers nearby Cauldron.

I'm just curious—could this red dragon be slipped into Shackled City? His motivations are just kinda general "evil dragon" stuff. It could work as a sideventure, I suppose. It'd be cool to tie the guy in to two separate APs.

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I'm pretty sure the red dragon in Shackled City IS the very same dragon in Age of Worms.

I was wondering if maybe he did show up, but I couldn't find a mention of Brazzemal when I searched this subforum.

Brazzemal was the name of the red dragon in G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King. Not sure if there was ever a link between Gseries and AoW

Zenith Trajectory has Gottrod, a young adult red dragon.
Zenith Trajectory has Dhorlot, a young adult black dragon.
Foundation of Flame has Hookface, a mature adult red dragon.
Thirteen Cages has Moltenwing, a mature adult pyroclastic (redish) dragon.

Gottrod and Dhorlot definitely do not fight to the death.
Hookface can but it doesn't really make that much sense for him.
Moltenwing is just being a mercenary and isn't being paid enough to die.

Of course, you could switch Brazzemal in for any of them if you want and change his motivation.

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