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Something like Demons Revisited or Dragons Unleashed, but with celestials. Except maybe have them each offer different quest seeds, with the intent being that DMs could use them as requests for payment when players use planar ally.

I would instabuy a Celestials Revisited book, even if I didn't subscribe to the Pathfinder Campaign Setting line. Heavens Unleashed? Sure, I'd be super excited about that as well, but Celestials Revisited (or, dare I dream, Angels Revisited specifically) would be the more exciting book for me.

I'm of the firm belief that celestials can make for very interesting villains in a campaign, and I'd like to see both paths (allies or villains) discussed in such a book, either through fluff or actual advice.

Yeah, the "half-archon" and "half-angel" templates sounds good... ^^

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