Will this prevent a character from continuing in PFS?

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Spoiler for Reign of Winter Book 3:

In the sanctioned portion, there is a ritual that the party can perform that will age them to old age. The partying I am GMing is in the process of going through this ritual, and I can see some of them completing the ritual instead of suffering the Slay Living spell at the end. If they decide to complete the ritual, is this a condition that they will need to deal with or remove before continuing in PFS? The sanctioned portion states that it can be removed by a break enchantment, limited wish, miracle, or wish spell.

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You cant have the benefits/bad parts of age in PFS. But apart from that you are free to have your character at any age you want.

Only risk I would see is that if you encounter another aging effect, the characters would age too far along to be playable and exit the campaign.


Are you running in module or campaign mode?

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If you are running in home game mode, nothing is needed. If you are running just the sanctioned portions as a PFS module, then they will need to get it resolved like any other condition if they get aged enough to take penalties. If they don't leave their current age category, thus incurring the bad stuff, they are also okay.

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It in module mode. I've told the player he needs to clear it before the end of the scenario. Thanks.

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