i need help developing character concepts during the next 8 weeks

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i will be taking an 8 week hiatus from my saturday group for family reasons, my grandmother had some major surgery and needs her grandson and his girlfriend to care for her. and after the 8 weeks, Ilina will be learning responsibility for the first time in her life by helping out my grandmother. she still has plenty of online games she does through the week. when i return in January or so. the DM will have started a slightly altered savage worlds Broken Earth Campaign.

i don't know what Alterations will come, but it can be said that what little i know about broken earth is it is a post apocalyptic setting about community building and exploration and well, the character options are going to be highly restricted, and using the mutations rules to weasel a nymph is an idea that has been rejected and a second major hindrance will be allowed for points

i really don't want to build a new character for a nemezis game with a little over a month left and an over the top party of intergalactic smugglers with full federation space marine gear, where every PC is decked out with magic items and chromed out with implants and has at the very least, very bloated numbers that Savage Worlds isn't intended to handle so i decided to take the time off for Grandma and when i return, i need character ideas to thefferize for the broken earth setting, an explanation of the setting, and an explanation of any important references without being told to buy the book.

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Don't buy the book.

Buy the Player's Guide PDF for $6,99. You'll support the economy and the game designers who will be able to make even more awesome adventures and stuff.
It's also cheaper than the book.

Why is this in Miniatures?

i meant to put it in other RPGs sorriesies

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