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I don't have a pending order for this month. The fact that I canceled all my subs then had a few reinstated might be to blame. Please look into this? 8^)

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Ack! I'm so sorry I saw none had generated for you when I was beginning the auth and the forgot to go back and poke your subs into order! I have done this now and applied the store credit onto your order. If you don't want to use that store credit yet, just let us know and we can adjust it or take it off completely from the order.

Scarab Sages

Thanks, Sara Marie! Sorry for the delay. I saw the email, but forgot to check this thread. 8^)

Yeah, the store credit is fine.

I do have one question. The module is showing at full price. Does the Pathfinder Advantage discount only kick in again after this order ships? Even though I resumed before the next sub shipment? (If so, that's fine, I'm just wondering.)

Paizo Employee Customer Service Dire Care Bear Manager

I think if it ships in the same order it is supposed kick in. I gave it a nudge and it's behaving now.

Scarab Sages

Thanks! I guess I kinda made things complicated, jumping the gun and canceling when I did. 8^)

You're awesome!

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